Midnight is upon us,

Nothing is as it seems,

No one is who they appear to be,

Masks of deception.

Faceless strangers move stealthy under the dark cover of night.

The bright lit moon of the midnight hour is the only light.

Words as sharp as daggers pierce the hollow of the darkness.

Drip, drop

Life dwindles away.

Ah, but this midnight has become so scary, so dismal, so dreary.

Pity upon myself,

As I am alone in this gloom,

As my life’s blood has been splattered.

How I long to be someone else,

I loathe this midnight hour.

The dreadful strangers in the blackness,

Creep and crawl,

Getting much closer now,

I am disillusioned no longer,

I can be fierce no longer,

In this devilish midnight hour.

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