Hour 24 (2021)

I was asked where I feel most at home. The simple answer being inside of poetry. The more complicated answer? Inside of poetry. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Hour 22 (2021)

A splash of cold water A slap to the face Gotta keep going Pick up the pace! Just a few more to go Before we are done 24 poems in 24 hours So much fun!

Hour 20 (2021)

I love the simplicity of a late night walk. I just need to remember: My keys, to hold between my fingers My pepper spray A flashlight My cell phone, fully charged. Running shoes with tight laces A knife And my ID just in case they…

Hour 19 (2021)

The seaside cliffs being me peace. Watching the waves crash from so far above, I almost feel powerful. As if I’m the pull the ocean feels. In reality, it’s always pulling me. One day it will pull me under completely and I will be free.

Hour 18 (2021)

If the water taught me anything, it’s this: be still and listen. Sometimes your answers will become crystal clear in the silence.

Hour 17 (2021)

Shelves packed with books. In here, I’m safe. Where pain only comes from plot twists and paper cuts. I’m never lonely. Besides, books have always been safer than people anyway. “Books were safer than other people anyway.” – Neil Gaiman

Hour 16 (2021) CW: Sensual Poetry

Her favorite fruit was pear Said it reminded her of the shape of my body and how she’d like to split me open right up the middle and feast upon me. Oh, how I’d let her. My darling clementine. I’d love to peel each piece…

Hour 15 (2021)

I’ve wasted so much time saying yes to people who don’t deserve it, that I’ve been saying no to myself without a second thought. It’s time for a change.

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