A Drop in Space

Earth is water spelled sideways, in a way… The way of poets. Being water encased in a mesh of flesh. Our minds sometimes a mess of less, less, less, lessons learned from watered down hag- splashing pointlessness. Her face without a trace of truth. Hags…

Hour 1 -Selkie’s Lament

Hour 1 Write a poem about being in water. It can be about swimming, the shower, a bath, the rain, etc. Blub… Blub… Bubble, Burst Rising to  the surface With water all around It’s difficult, like fighting syrup To keep your head above ground The…

What the Flood? (Hour 1)

What the flood is going on? creeping, bubbling in at dawn closing down beloved parks do we need some Noah’s arks?   Whole neighborhoods collapse when an avalanche of sludge creeps, then the throat is dry for just a drop contaminated all, clean H20 stopped….

Re-POST: Watery Dream (Prompt One 2022)

In the right place this time! I am out of practice of posting on wordpress. May have posted in wrong place. Watery Dream I dreamt of water . . . again. I dreamt of her . . . again. It was flowing over my feet….

Water And Earth

I am the river you are the earth steely grey waters bubbling over rocks collecting in the crevices speeding with the current taking me along. I hold tight to your sides as you guide me with gentle hands palm pressed against the small of my…

Hour 1 – Ending (Text Prompt)

Hillside dark, water calm A single lantern floating Veil shredded, flowers dead A sudden, rotten, bloating Bride alive, Corpse husband A shovel with sticky coating Crunching earth, shifting waves A victim left ungloating. Crime unseen, story untold The lantern no longer floating.

The River of Life

The River of Life Rivers bending like jutting roots cattails lining the bank in shoots Water wears on stone lay beneath unknown. the gravestone soul en route.    


When I was young I would hide Submerge myself fully underwater Eyes closed Only my gentle exhale keeps me company A secret joy In knowing I am sequestered from the world