What is life?? Is it about love or hate, is it about a person’s personality is it the way one chooses to live his life despite all odds

We all have questions we ask ourselves what’s our purpose on earth??                      Why was it my mother that bore me and not someone else’s was it predestined or was it just a mere coincidence

Some live the day one by one without knowing anything they have lost all hope and think their fate is to suffer??

What is your fate i ask thee and where is your faith?

If your fate has been cursed i challenge you to change it do whatever you have to do accomplish the greatness in you don’t quench that insatiable fire burning in you

Even if the world gives up on you, your parents disown and you’re rebuked by everyone and your name has been changed to failure you have no right to give up on yourself

And when searching for success don’t allow the lust push you to making unavoidable mistakes because in the long run you will regret it

Do not be weary of tomorrow when you aren’t done solving today because tomorrow never dies and everyone as a success story as long as he fails to give up

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