Prompt 8 ~ Inspired by the Golden Shovel

The Winning Ticket

I am tired and hungry, my mother looks at me with tears

She cries trying to be strong yet she is filled with fear

She has been working two jobs trying to make it okay

She feels as though we are drowning in debt everyday

Debt , fear , scared and tears ; she wonders if we will be okay

She wants to give up with no hope for the next day

No hope that things will change for the better

No hope until she recieved a special letter

She recieved a letter with a winning ticket

She thought she would not make it just probably kick it

This ticket filled with hope and sunshine for days to come

Hope and smiles with appreciation from my mum

She has made it to a place where we would be safe again

All from the winning ticket from a very dear friend

They won some money and knew how hard she does try

Wanted her to know good of the world before anyone dies

As she has got her chance to make things new

She thanked God above for the trials she went through

Promised to do good with this money forever more

For the first time she was free like never before.



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