Hour 4 – Soulmates

They disagree about soulmates,
but concur on their connection,
hard-won and inevitable.

There was only one bed
to bring their bodies together
and trade hesitant whispers.

There are so many beds
and they still choose to sleep
in each other’s arms.

They find each other soon,
young and curious, fast friends
who only grow closer.

They find each other late,
mature and jaded, suspicious,
but teach themselves to trust.

They fight through many trials,
forced to cling to one another
in a ceaseless storm of fear.

They live a life of peace, a slow
beginning, middle, and conclusion
filled with mild banter and fondness.

They end their lives together
filled with desperate, terrified hope
that will not save them.

They survive the worst of it,
and emerge from the wreckage
changed, but never alone.

Tragic, romantic, desperate, simple:
they have fallen in love many times,
and they shall fall in love again.

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