Confidence is a dress that always fits (Hour 7)

Lagos traffic at close of business does a thing or two to you

then it leaves you grumpy and tired

Your body feels heavy but at the same time, you can’t feel a thing

You stare at your reflection in the mirror as you strip out of the day’s clothing

Then you wear confidence

Your smile goes wide as you say to yourself

“Girl, you are so fine”


When you’re full as a drum of water

And your body bounces like a panda

Your tummy sits sticking out and you are decorated with rolls of fat in every place

-all the ways society makes you feel out of place

you rub your bulge and caress the excess skin

you say to myself

“Girl, you are thick in the right places”


When work wears you down

when the schedule squeezes the life out of you-

so much that you cannot eat

Or when your body loses its rolls of goodness

and the bones stick out calling attention to themselves

you admire how you can give any model a run for their money

you call yourself what you are-

“A babe!”


This dress always fits

It is the air the room needs

it is comfy,  it is free

a replica of home

that is how you keep your confidence in check.

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