Creation in its smallest from is something that not many people see or believe

A single event in a single time on a split from the world that has created it

But what of those things that the world has not create or refused to acknowledge

What stands between the world that exist and that of a time that has past us by

The creations we seek are not the things that catch are sight or interest

They are the things that make us invisible to the world outside

The large and small things that make us think about all the other things we see and hear

Creations of what they do make us question whether or not the world sees itself

Always wanting more than what is required

Questioning if the things we do is correct or if they lack that something special for the full creation requested

What will the world create in the absence of time and in the void of darkness

Something remembered only when fear and loneliness take over what is not seen

A creation forgot in the wake of time and the lack of all else

The world will always become something greater

And the creations that came in its wake is something that will be un-measurable in time

Yet the world will continue in its unmistakable creation of things to come

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