10: Blue

Blue-black crows
veer above slate-blue roofs,
over smoke-blue smokestacks
in the sea-blue sky.

Bluebirds blab
among the blue moons and bluebells
in this blue-blood state
of blue laws and blue flu.

Denimblue slackers,
azure poseurs.

Navyblue sailors
cursing a blue streak.

Flowers violetblue,
pansyblue, lupineblue.

Let me sing my deep new true-blue song
to you, O baby, misty midnight blue.

4 thoughts on “10: Blue

  1. Hypnotic – I found myself creating all the various blues in my mind (in emotions, sound and physical forms) and they became a maelstrom of colour, shape and form, one overlapping on the other as the sensations built, line-by line. Unravelling beauty, here.

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