Ode to The Poetry Marathon

Hr. 12 Prompt 21

Fours years ago I first became involved in this. Hadn’t written in years. You accepted me with open arms for the 24 in 24 hours. I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get started. How nice it was to be encouraged, accepted, and a part of something. I only made it to 21 but you made me feel great for accomplishing them
And you published me in the marathon book. Elated I was to say the least. This Poetry Marathon is the best. Dating, having a baby made me miss the next two marathons. 2020 hit with a pandemic and you still held it, I joined in again doing the 12 hour. It was a blast, I finished them all, what an amazing feeling. And yet again you published me, thank you thank you. You all are amazing poets and people
Thank you for yet again letting me join on this years marathon, I finished again
I am honored to be a marathoner beside the caring, encouraging people in this big group of poets. Ok I think I’m finished now, no wait, I absolutely love The Poetry Marathon.

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