Poem 3 – Favourite Subject

The love for biology

Started from her Mother’s stories

Of dissecting cockroaches

Of writing records

Of studying butterflies in their cucoons

Of magnifying into tiny leaves


And then came a teacher

Who multiplied this love

By showing flowers

And the rarest ferns

By teaching with passion

And loads of patience


But the sight of blood she feared

So biology from her life disappeared

Three years she missed the subject

So stories from her friend she would collect


Finally, determined to get back to her favorite subject

She decided to re-elect

The rush of learning was back

Favourite subject and favourite learner were back

One thought on “Poem 3 – Favourite Subject

  1. Kind Regards.
    I enjoyed the poem. Foremost you rhyming technique and the rhythm of the poem.
    Secondly it reminded me of my daughter who enjoys biology but hates the blood.
    She felt weak n sick one day when she had to dissect a sheep’s heart in the biology class.

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