Hour 24

** Me **

I am kind.
I am respectful.
I wish you can be honest with me as I am with you.
I’m 4 foot and 11 inches.
I have dirty blonde natural hair.
It almost looks black.
I go to a school with a bunch of people who love drugs.
But, I stay away from that because I can’t ruin my future
In the marines, as a writer, photographer, and a motivational speaker.
I hope you know now I write because I love it.
Junior reserve officers training corps (JROTC) drill team is my other passion.
I write when I’m not doing homework, drill team or at friends.
I could write in my sleep.
But, when I wake up you wouldn’t be able to read it.
I believe everyone is beautiful even you males.
Ugly is not on a persons looks its a persons personality.
So, take a mass murderer for example he’s still beautiful but has ugly actions.
Get what I mean?
I love my family and family comes first.
Even if they are 450 miles away but distance is nothing.
I have anxiety, so with Drill Team it helps because it comes when I’m under pressure, stress, or sadness.
So, Drill helps a lot.
So, does a pen and paper.
The other things I have is social anxiety which I’ve had forever and didn’t know until last year.
I also, have insomnia, and I’m bipolar.
Yeah, all of things may suck but hey, I still live life like I’ll be gone tomorrow.
I have been writing since my freshman year literally, last school year.
I started and my first poem was almost 6 pages.
But, just the front pages.
Either way my friends and family love reading my poems.
And I love keeping people entertained.
I love all of you beautiful lovelies.

~April Sue Kraniak~

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