Hour 5

**Goodbye World **

Dark nights.
wiping the tears off her face as they touch her jaw.
Dreary days.
as she picks out an outfit, one to cover her skin.
Blind spots.
no one notices why she is the way she is.
Pain hurts.
she aches in pain, from every hit.
He hits.
when he’s drunk he hits her precious skin.
Kill me.
she doesn’t want to be here anymore.
the neighbor called the cops.
He got.
more furious.
Goodbye world.
was the last longing words her mother read.
Clueless mother.
her mother never knew, now she lost her own daughter.
Divorce papers.
she divorced him moved across the country.
Her grave.
mom buried you close to her new home.
You are.
you were, are, and always will be loved and missed.

~April Sue Kraniak~

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