Hour 9

** What am I? **

You wake up from no sleep,
or even a dead sleep from alarm.
Exhausted you slide out of bed.
Start your shower.
Go into the kitchen,
Take the spoon dip it in the silky shell shaped brownish things and let them grind and start its process like every other morning.
You take your hot shower.
Get dressed.
Come back into the kitchen,
Mixing the ingredients in this delicious drink.
You sit at the table staring off into space until you finish this magical thing,
That’s supposed to give you energy.
Some people it makes them fall asleep, some people it gives them energy.
And this is something people all around the world make every single day.
And then drink it because its good.
And gives energy.
Some, people think its insipid.
Like me.
I have no intention for it.
But, other people do.
What am I?

~April Sue Kraniak~

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