Hour 23 – Prompt 23 – Place – The canteen

I am the most happening spot at any workplace
My chairs are beautifully set before office hours

People visit me for their routine tea or coffee
They sit together and discuss things as they sip
They may leave a stain on my table or keep the chair askew
Immediately, I am readied to look the best, for my next visitor

During lunch, I hear the pull of chairs and chaos of voices
The decibels of sound tests the strength of my ears and walls
The aroma of different flavours spread across the room
To subside the pangs of hunger is what every being works for

I have limited chairs and tables, so people wait in a queue
I hear their sigh of relief as they grab a table and chair
You can bring your own food or get some snacks off the counter
I hear personal, local, and world news from the endless chatter

Like the wet seashore after the ebb of high tides die down
I relax and get cleaned after the lunch crowd gets back to work

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