12. Smile and pleasure

You play with me

Around the house

In the bushes

In the garden

You chase me

Like a treasure

I‘m your treasure

It is happiness

In its best memories

We are innocent

And playful

You chase me

And I laugh

When you try to kiss me

Around the bush

I hide

And you look for me

In the garden

I am around the corner

Of the house

Where the mouse

Are running wild

And playtime

Is the best time

Of my youth

Then you vanish

And I can’t find you

There is a sound

Very loud bell

You’re nowhere

To be found

I miss you

Now the time has gone

A long time has gone

I think about you

Always here

In my heart

Beating in my chest

No sound any longer

No play around the corner

All have died the bushes

And the mouse

Is long gone

You are still here

But not playing with me

But not chasing me

Like your treasure

I’m your treasure

Now you appear suddenly

But you look different

A long time has gone

You want to play

But something has gone

From you and from me

The bushes are the same

The corner and the mouse

Are back from then

But you are different

You want to chase me

But something has gone

I think it’s called


You show me all your bags

Full of golden metal

Making that same sound

Of the bell I hear no more

Something has gone

Oh my treasure

Where is your young

Smile and pleasure

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