#3 – The princess is upset

Creature_20140516153510The princess is upset

She can’t stand wearing

Any single day more

She can’t stand wearing

This too heavy dress

Weighed by 12 generations’

Dramas and wars


A fairy comes to her

Announcing the great news

Of her pregnancy


In the fabric of her own dress

There is the most precious gift

A true jewel

A wonderful and shiny treasure


Not just one, but so many

She could never count all of them


She’s upset because she doesn’t know yet

That this day is the best of her life



She doesn’t know yet that

She will have just to dance in the garden

In the middle of the embalmed flowering trees


She’s upset and doesn’t smile

When she sees the musicians coming


But in a few minutes the music

Will enjoy the sunny garden

And make home in the sky




“ what was in the fabric of your dress, my dear daughter? “



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