“It’s just a stupid plant”

Nustled in moist dirt

Sitting in my hands

Reaching for the sunlight

Whispering oxygen into my nose

A sapling


She will outlive us

Her growth quiet and restrained

Tall she will be

Strong and fruitful

Two lovers sit beneath

Carving their love into her trunk


She will shed her leaves

Slinking them off like a silk robe

Twisting her branches in the wind


Throughout the seasons she will live

Though parts of her will die


Looking around her she will find no one like her

A single tree in a park

How sad is that?

Harsh weathers will tempt her

Slip into the darkness

She will persist


Kids no longer climb her in an attempt at flying

They disappear altogether

She is sad

But then something miraculous begins

More like her begin to appear

The world has ended but the Earth has not


She begins to grow even more vast

Her friends rushing to catch up

The sky turns a magical shade of violet

The clouds polka dot the sky

New birds appear

They sing happier tunes

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