Hour six: Prattle

By willjxn

What is there in all of this,

That I want to write amiss?

Why do I find joy in verse?

Could my thinkings make things worse?


Poetry is my defence

To put face to arrogance,

Yes I know it isn’t much

But it gives me hope as such.

Not to mention— lovely touch.


Looking out onto the day,

I would love to share my way.

I would gladly give you sight,

Of the world as I see right.

Hope you think I’m not a bore,

That I share my thoughts some more.

If I had my way you’d see,

I might be like you could be.


In defence of all of this,

I would hope that you would miss,

All my prattling about,

And the thoughts I do without,

Put to words that make a rhyme.

Love to  hear your thoughts some time.

Hope you’ll share them here with me.

You might change eternity.

Write your words for all to see,

I’ll keep in mind what you— I’ll be.

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