No. 14: Summer Monsoon

I've always enjoyed rainstorms
The downpours, the thunder, the lightning
The drumming of drops on the roof
The flash of lightning ...
Waiting for the thunder to crack overhead

Summer rains in the Arizona desert
Was like standing under the water of a tepid shower
Washing away the dust of the day
Our faces tipped skyward, mouths opened
Laughing as we choked on the drizzle

We splashed through the puddles in barefeet
Watching out for the the worms struggling
For a breath of air as the rain drove them
From the depths of their domain
We squealed to avoid stepping on them

Eventually, the sun drove away the rain
Drying up the puddles
The clothes we wore on our bodies
The worms caught out on the pavement
Soon sizzled away

Our interest in the outdoors
Waned as the heat arose
And we headed indoors for
Lunch and an afternoon nap
To wait for the next cycle of storms

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