4- Mamas Fridge

I’m a finger painter

I can spend hours at my easel at a time

And Mama says I’m her favourite artist

The fridge holds my art with pride


I’m a ballet dancer

I practice every day until my feet hurt

And Mama watches every recital

The fridge holds my dance shot with pride


I graduated nursing school

I worked hard for years to reach my goal

And Mama’s my biggest support

The fridge holds my graduation picture with pride


I found the love of my life

We are getting married in the spring

And Mama’s by my side through it all

The fridge holds the announcement with pride

2 thoughts on “4- Mamas Fridge

  1. I like how you used Mama’s Fridge to show the daughter’s coming of age, all her successes being displayed on the fridge. It also will relate well with other people because our success were displayed on the fridge or mantel piece or living room wall in our mom’s house or our grandma’s house. I enjoyed this poem.

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