Greetings, fellow writers! What a pleasure it is to make your acquaintances and it is an honor to be counted among this year’s poetry marathoners. I think it is imperative to one’s happiness and success to challenge oneself and commit to the completion of a difficult task. For me, and I’m sure several of you, this marathon is exactly that type of challenge, one from which you will emerge a better person. As cliche as I’m sure that sounds, I assure you that my acknowledgement has birthed a style that has proven to be 100% Cliche-free, with no harsh dyes or Parabens. It is often difficult for writers to feel comfortable enough with submitting a piece of themselves to the world and allow their work to stand up to an audience’s response, or at least that has been the case in my experience. Anecdotal evidence has timelessly proven itself to be the best justification for many of the world’s greatest discoveries and advancements (never you mind the failures in this instance, as they are irrelevant to my point, and therefore, have been omitted), We, as a group of writers, must stand together as the voices of our times and act as testaments to our society. Alas, the moment is at hand, and I will rise above my digressions and land back on my original point. I am excited (and admittedly, slightly apprehensive) to embark on this shared journey. With that, I bid each of you adieu, and welcome you to freely comment below with any questions, concerns, suggestions, or if you are interested in purchasing counterfeit Prada purses and other high-end-like knock-off items, I would love to engage in great detail with you. Have a great day/night, and remember: This is a marathon people, not a competition, so do your very best, and remember to keep out of my way. Thank you.

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