In this busy world,
Where everyone is rushing to meet deadlines,
To make both the ends meet all the times,
I wonder if anyone yearns for some solitude?

I wonder,
If just for a minute people stop,
They don’t worry about the road jamming traffic,
About missing the train,
About the promotion they didn’t get,
About not being able to go back home during the weekend.

I wonder,
If just for a minute,
Do they yearn for solitude?
For freedom from all these anxious thoughts?
For a time out?
For a few seconds to catch their breaths?

Solitude for everyone holds different meanings,
For a hermit solitude would be a forest or a cave,
Away from human civilization.

For a reader,
Solitude would be a library,
Where she could get lost in the world of literary.

For a chef,
Solitude would be a kitchen,
Cooking dishes seems to calm her faster than any medicine.

For me,
Solitude is a cup of coffee.
As the bittersweet flavor of coffee would wake my sleeping senses,
I would pick up a book,
Revel in the fantasy world,
Live the lives of different people,
Travel far and wide,
Without even leaving my home.

Holds different meanings for everyone.
The question is where is your solitude?
Did you even try to stop and look for it?

– Addy

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