Halcyon Days to Come

The sweet cottage snuggled deep

in a lethargic treeline, strange as it sounds.

The smoke from the chimney curled lazily in the evening sky.

The fireflies not yet visible slept deep in the wildflower

clumps just waiting to zoom about in the dark night

but now they slumbered, unaware of the hot porridge

made, the bottle of sweet syrup close by, the stocking feet

resting on a knotted rag rug, made from the masks

of Covid-19.

2 thoughts on “Halcyon Days to Come

  1. What beautiful use of imagery and contrasts. I loved the description of the smoke curling lazily…it was idealic! The fireflies sleeping deep in the wildflower also added to this beautiful tone of innocence. The stocking feet resting on a knotted rag rug made from COVID masks-brilliant! I enjoyed reading this poem. Great work!

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