For My Riska (1990 – 1998) – Poem 18/24

You never won any titles, but you irrevocably won my heart.


You ruled your Canine peers like a Queen-

Your authority was absolute and uncontested,

Your doggy bark-talk was soft but firm…

Your deeply seated unwavering maternal instinct

Ensured the safety of your babies with utter confidence…


“Siegerin”, “Grand Victrix” or “Champion”

Would never form a part of you pedigree

But in my heart that seat always belongs to you.

You will always be “Riska” – My OWN little “Siegerin”

Riska – uncontestably “Champion…


When you walked into the ring you were proud –

Self-confident, like an Africa Princess

Blue blood flowed warm through your veins

Your muscles were supple and perfect

A burning fire glowed in your eyes

And inner strength showed off

Your noble character that flashed from your being

With open pride and skilfully toned beauty

Nobody and nothing could ever extinguish

The flame within you…




…except that which was latent in your genes

Even before you were born…

…which lay cold and evil,

Waiting to steal exactly that which you exalted

With each breath, sound and movement…


…your life…


Had I but known but beforehand…

Perhaps then you would have stood a chance…


Who would have thought that this hour of hellish brokenness,

This moment of brutal separation,

Would come so quick and sudden,

So black and oh so lonely?


Why did the cruel cancer had to choose you?

You were but 8 years old…


Why did it have to be your clear brown eyes,

Always burning with fire and self-confidence,

That so suddenly turned dull and lifeless?

Why your beautiful head that suddenly

Came to rest against my shoulder?


Why did I, whom you have trusted above all else

Have to be the one that ultimately betrayed you?


Why me? Why you… my Riska?


Antoinette LeRoux © 2016

Dis My Riska_1

My Riska (1990 – 1998)

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