Hour 17

Missing You Still

Ever since I lost you

I have been searching

For a way to keep you close

I have it, I know what to do

I will have you marked into my skin

All red and feathered and alive

A way to show the world you are still here

Hour 16

Almost Sleeping

Head feels heavy eyes all but closed

I yawn trying to keep myself awake

Just a few more hours

And then I can sleep all day

Hour 15

Wife of Underworld

Falling to this dark place wasn’t great at first

But I have tasted the sweetest fruit

I have found a caring husband

Sometimes when visiting my mother

I miss the dark rather gloomy home I leave behind

It’s hidden beauty has started to shine brighter than the sun

But once in awhile it is good to have the sun on my skin

And flower petals in my hair

Hour 14

Stormy Night

The steam rises from my tea

The candles on the table flickering with my breath

The evening darker than normal

The storm shutting out any lingering sun

The raincoat dripping water steadily

The little storm I let follow me inside

The mystery of my heart on my mind again

The thought of him flowing through my mind

The jars of thoughts in my mind get shoved away

The rain calling for me to leave those thoughts behind

Hour 13

Half Wishing

I don’t even know when it started

This little half crush

Probably around the time we shared an interest

Something we keep hidden from others

Not because it is wrong

But because it is different

Sometimes I think you might sorta like me too

Then I tell myself that is silly

But still I wish a little a half for more


Hour 12

Halfway through!! Hope I can stay awake enough tonight to keep it up.

Starry Sky

The sky shines down

Full of stars just wanting

To be the center of the universe

Flickering in the sky like fairy lights

Stars begging me to travel far away

Landing among them to watch others

Staring at the night sky waiting

For their time to join the center of the universe

The stars send me home

So that I can continue watching them

Shine in the sky calling someone else up

So that they can watch us

The stars shining bright for us

Wanting to be the brightest thing to us

Hour 11

Campfire Comfort

The sky a dark back drop

The stars shining from dark blue

We sit around the fire singing

Every song we can think of

The words wrapping around us

The smoke creating galaxies in the sky

We lose ourselves in bad voices joining together

Everyone ignoring how bad they sound alone

The fire dies down and we slowly stand

The steps we take to our beds slow hoping for one more song

Hour 10

Favorite Color

Grey elephants and cats

Tea for breakfast and a parrot

Part of our brains

And a last name

My favorite color is many things

My favorite hoodie

The sky on gloomy days

A new candle

A wild wolf’s fur

It might not be the brightest color

But grey is my color

Hour 9

Almost to the half way point!! And still going strong.

Spider Dreams

Spiders crawling everywhere

Over my desk full of notebooks

On my bed into the covers

All over my arms and legs

Skittering over me

Almost tickling if I wasn’t screaming


I snap up awake with crawling skin

Nothing but blankets around me