Poem 13: Burberry and Birkenstocks

Burberry and Birkenstocks,
And anything with Carol Burnett,
Get these things together
And watch how wet I get
If that’s a problem with you
I’m sure to get upset
Girl, you can have your own thing
But you’ll stay my filthy pet
So I grab my kicks and spray myself
And watch Little Orphan Annie
Get in the mood
Because I’m on my way
To come invade your panties
So when you want to start me up
Just sneak up to my room
Turn the tube on Nick@Nite
And spray that damn perfume
When that odor hits your sexy body
I’ll come running, in my shoes
Ready to sing about “Little Girls”
And drink a little booze
Overfill the bathtub
Pull the curtains to the floor
Tonight we’re getting freaky
You’re my dirty red head wh*re
I’ll be yelling, “WHOOOOOOOOO!”
And you’ll be screaming, “YESSSS!”
Do like Daddy Warbucks do
On your body I’ll invest
Then I’ll ride you like the stock market
Top it off with a cigarette
I’ll spritz you down with Burberry
And call you Miss Burnett
In the morning you’ll grab my sandals
To go and turn on the T.V.
Get back in bed
And shnuggle up
And watch some Mama’s Family

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