Manifested Addiction

You marked me

With raven hair

Ruby lips

And death match glare


Marked me with.

Whom I should be

A love lost soulsoul

A broken seed

A power rich

And pure divine

While world leaves me

Hunted unkind

Promises made

And promises broke

I am what you hate

I am what you hope


Manifested addiction

I am I’m the flesh

And you hate me for it

With each escaped breath

You threaten to love

You threaten to kill

You threaten to life me

With what is your will


Evil’s not ugly

Nor does it scare

Temptation you’ll find

Seductress fair


So now you stand

Heart at your mark

Just make it clean

And end the spark


For death is my dancer

I write his song

The word that you could

Never sing along




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