Prompt Twenty-two – Contrast

Prompt Twenty-Two – Visual Prompt – Silencio


The Hush hits you when you walk in through the door

after a month in India. Or Thailand. Or Spain.

It cradles the racing, travel weary, jet lagged pain.

You can hear the neighbour’s grass being cut.

Two doors down. Through double glazed windows.

You can even hear your own heart beat

And the buzz in your ears.

But what of the buzz you left behind?

Cackling kids, constant doorbells, honking cars.

Constant chitter chatter and yelps of laughter

Merging with the yelps of stray dogs.

You cant hear the birds there, so they caw louder

To be heard. Everyone needs to be heard.

And here, its Silencio.

2 thoughts on “Prompt Twenty-two – Contrast

  1. I love the beautiful imagery here, the occasional rhyming couplet and rhyme scheme. I love the contrast the you build up throughout the poem between your travels esp with India and even the need to be heard in contrast to the current Silencio. Beautiful Anjana!!!

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