#13 connections

a phone

a camera

a clock

a calendar

a notepad


text alert

news and weather

traffic report


one device

does it all

and more

I’m sure


a list poem


mom and dad

brothers and sisters

aunts and uncles

cousins, grandparents

and more

and those unrelated

special people

friends and others


This Moment Now

In this moment


What is happening?

I am writing

I hear fireworks in the distance

not sure why (8/5/17)

I am thinking

about this wonderful experience

Thanks to Caitlyn and Jacob Jans

A random invitation

somewhere in the past

has given me

a new family

full of writiers

like minded individuals



Can’t blame me

for what you didn’t do

Promises are forever


Sunsets and clouds

are above us daily

standing still in time


The gift of love

is special

in this life.


not sure I like it, what do you think, looking for feedback, Thanks

#9 Time

Time is

slipping away

each day once gone

never exists again.

Sunrise is different

in time and beauty

hours pass too quickly

Infants become toddlers

toddlers become preschoolers

preschoolers to kindergarten

Wow, where does the time go?

Elementary and middle school gone in a flash.

Graduating from High School

Deciding on college

Oh no, where did my little girl go?


Remembering Grandma

I was so young

You so wise

wish I could remember your eyes.

Grandps died

cancer came

you suffered

til it won the game (of life)

I have been reading the poems of others and loving it. To be together across the globe with so many like minded people is amazing.

#7 Pain


Why does it interfere

when I’m having the most fun

An uninvited guest

I can’t throw out

and be done


becomes a part of life

every day interrupting activities


As I write this

I’m yelling the words in my head

Be done

Be gone

You are not welcome here

#6 Yesterday

Yesterday was

my last chance

to back out

of this undescribable competition


I didn’t

I will endure

til the lst hour

twenty hours from now



I’m not sure

I’m in til it’s over

sometime tomorrow

when words will slur

and sentences sleep


My path

is clear

but not straight

my path

is cluttered

but not messy

my path

gets me somewhere

closer to my passion

my path

is paved

with words

my path

is poetry

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