Sixth Hour

A man once said “If anyone in this

place is unwilling to take a bullet

for Christ’s sake-Leave now and no

harm will come to you. If you stay and

are found false. You’ve written your own



I stood and left like so many other

scared people in this position. Afraid

of what might happen if I stayed. Afraid

of what other people might think of me

following one who many claim never existed.


So many people are “Sunday Christians”

Live wild and free six days a week

On Sunday they sit in the pews at church

and act as though they are a true follower

of Christ.

If you were to ask any of them alone if they

would deny Christ- They’d say no.


I wonder how Peter must have felt

Following Jesus throughout his ministry.

Saying that he was the Christ and loving him

When Jesus was arrested Peter deserted and

then followed them into town and saw

the outcome.


Christ was comdemned to die

as Scripture foretold. Peter could have

spoken up, but didn’t. He was scared of

what the other people around him thought

About Jesus and his disciples.


Peter denied knowing him three times

How hard must that have been for him

To know that he loved Christ But when put

to the test- Denied him just to save his own


I am not worthy to be called a Christian-

I love Christ and I say that I would die for him

Would I really? Would I really be willing to die

because of my unwillingness to Deny God?

I don’t know


I was in the mall one day with some friends

Not Christians. I saw a guy that I really liked

Who was the furtherest thing from Christ

He said to everyone who could hear.

“You were at a Bible study Last night!”


To spare myself the pain of hearing their laughter

That I knew was going to follow that statement

I looked confused. I put on this big act for them

like an award winning actress.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I wasn’t

There. You have me confused with some other

girl. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a church.” And

gave a little laugh as though to prove I was telling the



They believed what I said, and everything was fine

once more and I felt as though I was accepted into

their group as though by some miracle I had passed

some unspoken test.


We walked a little more, laughing and carrying on

When some people that I had been at the Bible Study

with saw me. They came up to me and hugged me,

chatting about what fun we’d had the night before.


A girl who was with us said to me, grabbing my arm

“It’s true. You were at the Bible Study” And I stood

there angry because I could hear and feel the

judgement coming from both sides.

“I Don’t know what you mean. I don’t go to

Bible Studies”


I jerked my arm out of her grasp and stood there.

I could feel a little hurt come over me as I denied

knowing him and his name. I was numb to it for

the time being. I didn’t want to lose my new friends-

But I didn’t want to give up God either

And at the same time- I wanted to be accepted


A little while later- I was walking and someone

that I’d met the day before said it was good

to run into me.

I had liked talking to him- He didn’t paint a

pretty picture of life like so many others had.


We sat there and talked for what seemed

like hours alone together, when the group I’d

been hanging out with, came by. I could see

it in their eyes what they

were about to say.

“You were there last night. Everyone saw you-

Why deny it?”


I got so angry and stood up. I didn’t care anymore

I was so sick of defending myself to everyone.

Those who knew me and loved me for me knew

the truth.

Those who didn’t- It was their loss.








After I said that, I felt this wave of shame come over

me. The clock in the center of the mall had struck 3 o’clock.

I closed my eyes and started to weep as I remembered

what was written in Scripture. ‘Before the rooster crows

you will have denied me three times.”


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