In the Fold (a Viator)

In the fold

of summertime

leaves crimson and gold

fall from their prime.


Time moves fast

in the fold,

with ages past

and stories told.


Winter’s cold

finds warming grace

in the fold

of arms embrace.


Smell leaves burning

as we grow old,

twisting and turning

in the fold.

6 thoughts on “In the Fold (a Viator)

  1. I love all the images in this poem. First, I have always thought of viator poems as ones that almost fold into themselves so, when you employed the line, “In the fold”, it grabbed me right away. And, as you illusyrated “in the fold” in so many ways throughout the poem, it just amazed me. Wonderful words and images. Well done! I hope you submit this one!

    1. Thank you so much! This was my second viator of the evening, and only my second ever viator after we wrote the first one. I love the format and am so excited to have discovered it. This is my favorite of the entire marathon. I will definitely submit it!

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