Stay Away From The USA

I want to stay away from the USA

I know not all of it is fundamental religiosity

But I have no burning curiosity to see

A land happy in origin of its rejection of me

Its symbols are crashing and being torn

Down beneath banners

The souls of the undead govern and rally cries

of white supremacists are heard


It scares me. A country

Whose main difference is that

It operates blatantly

Where mine remains bound

By the pleasantries of political play.

It’s like a game to some I’m sure

But they’re dying by their thousands

It fills me with fear

The rhetoric of the USA


I’ve passed through its gates

A conduit for home or adventure

But it’s not pulled me in to Vegas or Washington

And I’ve got plenty of good friends

And people I know who remain

Trapped state by state  but this game

Of legal organisation is wearing thin

Even for them and I wish I had a chain

I could throw out to them to escape


Cowards wear running shoes and

Patriots wear caps. Red ones

Police have cuffs, tasers and guns

And the inalienable right to take down

Or disable a suspect, warrant or none

And right in your living room, for no money to pay

You can see police killing, people dying

Fragments of a society that’s

been on the collapse for several lifetimes

I want to stay away from the USA

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