The Closet

I love my clothes

but didn’t always treat them with respect

as proof is seen in my closet


this is a long story…

as a child I had to share a closet with my bratty little sister

it was overcrowded  and over messy


years forward, again I had to share a closet, this time my husband

this gave us things to fight about

you’re too far over on my side…I don’t have enough ROOM!


next we moved into a big house

I didn’t have to share anymore

we each had our own closet, but we found other things to fight about


I had my clothes arranged in categories

blouses, skirts, slacks , etc.

one SNAFU…I had no place for my shoes


moving forward, I’m with husband number two

in a walk-in closet that we both share

I’m on the left, he’s on the right


he’s an engineer with an engineer’s mentality

everything in his life is orderly

including his side of the closet


so as not to be embarrassed with my side

I bought all beautiful matching hangers

now finally everything is neatly categorized including my shoes


Life is so sweet!






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