The end. (Prompt 24)

I once had a crush on a girl
named Hope

Brown hair in ponytail reaching
her waist

I had hoped to somehow get to
know her

Like a lot of my classmates I had
Hope hope

But with eighth graders you need to
speak to them

I couldn’t though I tried she looked

Thus dashing any hope I had, last
vestiges of

Hope hope and I left junior high with
nothing but

memories of a teen crush that left me
Hope less

– Mark L. Lucker
© 2023

22 thoughts on “The end. (Prompt 24)

  1. I was in love with a girl called Kerrell. She told me Faith can move mountains. (But then she always was a big girl). I too considered a pun on Hope. Glad I didn’t. You did yours quite nicely 🙂

  2. Good one Mark. It reminds me of a girl named Holly in 3rd grade. We wanted to be married! Due to circumstances beyond my control I had to move away. Lost touch with her. Ah, school romances.


  3. Mark — this one brings back memories for me! I had a middle school “girlfriend” for months who I never managed to touch. Not even a brush against the shoulder, much less hand holding! Though we did talk — it was always just on the phone. Otherwise, it was all arranged via paper-notes written by friends. 😀

    1. Thak you, Jacob. Glad this one connected with you. It was a fun write. At least you got a phone call! My story that somewhat parallels that didn’t happen until my senior year of high school! And we are still sporadically in touch.

      Thanks for the comment and for all you do for our poet community!

  4. Great poem Mark!!! I knew a girl named Hope too and we were best friends through primary and secondary school. I love how you weave together Hope, hope and then hopeless. Fun and endearing poem.

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