The House On Catamaran -Prompt 5

There is a House on Catamaran

Where I used to go in the summer

Or the winter or the fall depending

It was usually my mother’s call

When we’d visit the House on Catamaran


It was a beautiful House on Catamaran

With a white picket-fence and wisteria overhang

And a cobble-stone path all the way to the door

I’ve never seen anything like it since or before.

That beautiful House on Catamaran.


I remember so much about the House on Catamaran

Like the three willow trees in the front yard,

The river that never ran, next to the jasmine bushes

I remember how the jasmine bushes grew over the porch sometimes

Entangling the House on Catamaran.


There was a playHouse on Catamaran

That my grandfather and dad built

It was made for the grandkids to play in

With a kitchen and dollhouse it gave pretend a new spin

As if we had our own House on Catamaran.


I miss the House on Catamaran

With its wide porch and wider yard

I miss the times with Cassie our golden

And the times we’d play dress up and cards.

I’ll always sorely miss the House on Catamaran.


We no longer visit the House on Catamaran

My grandparents no longer live there.

The ownership changed and new housing was arranged.

In the same city but not the same space.

I’ll never again visit the House on Catamaran

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