Excited, this is my first and I usually only write scripts and novels. I love a challenge..

Hello Everybody!!

Hi there! I am very excited to be apart of this Poetry Marathon! I am going to complete the 24 hour marathon. I hope to compile an array of poems within this 24 hour period. Something for everyone to enjoy! I am a writer, I write lots of poetry and music. I am working on a fictional book and hope to have it published sometime in 2015. I encourage everyone to write, it is an awesome mental exercise! Feel free to check out some of my poetry and lyrics on www.FathomTheSquare.com

Stay Blessed!


– Jessica Cruz


MORTALS! It is I, JWALKthe15th, and I am here to save us all from the dull, empty, undermining world we live in!

I’m truly excited to be participating in my first ever written poetry event!!! 24 hours of poetry is beautiful!

I hope everyone learns a little, gets some sleep, and enjoys the poetry.



I watched a Netflix documentary about these guys cramming to take their Master Sommelier exam in a 48-hour window, and that’s how I’m going to approach this marathon. I’m haiku loading, charging up the sonnets, tapping out the iambic pentameter and pulling all the stops for the free verse. I am in the zone.

I’m hoping to teach some creativity classes this fall, so I thought this marathon would be a great inspiration. Good luck everyone!

New Challenges


My name is Carolyn. I love writing poetry and taking on new writing challenges. In preparation for the marathon I will be reading some poetry and looking at writing prompts. This is my first time participating in a poetry marathon.

No one but a poet…

Why would anyone but a poet spend an entire Saturday posting every hour to a blog of strangers? This says as much about who I am as anything: I’m a writer. Poetry and non-fiction.

I grew up overseas, a fact which infuses much of my writing. It was a long time before I could accept that my writing wasn’t going to sound like the writing of many of my friends & colleagues. It still doesn’t, but it does  occasionally find homes. I have three published chapbooks, and currently am jobbing a book manuscript.

In the meantime? I teach classes in creative writing to older adults (through a community outreach program at the University of Tulsa). For years I taught writing at a state university, while also directing a federal non-profit working with teachers k-university.

As I’m too old to go w/out a night’s sleep (even for poetry), I’m participating in the half-marathon. I also want to see what I produce when I crank it out. Traditionally, that’s a good way to silence the inner censor. The past couple of years I’ve been working in tanka, so I may do some of that. However, there’s always my love of the neo-sonnet. Free/ blank verse is another possibility. Overall, I just hope to come up w/ 12 new poems to work over later.

Wishing everyone good writing ~


Hi everyone. I’m Laura and I live in Sussex, England, so I’ll be contending with the difference in time zones as well as writing poems. I’ve signed up for the half-marathon, for several reasons. I’m hoping to get some good poetry motivation and prompts, as I haven’t written anything for quite some time. I’ve previously found the National Poetry Writing Month challenge of 30 poems in 30 days very interesting and useful, but am looking forward to a briefer yet more intense challenge to really get me writing again. I also look forward to reading everyone else’s work. Good luck, all!

Poetry Marathon: My Plan

Hello everyone, I hope each of you are prepared. This is quite the literary challenge! I intend on writing each of my poems in advance and setting an alarm for every hour. Rest and nutrition are the fuel needed to make it to the end of this marathon. I wish everyone the best of luck and I cannot wait to read all of the poems that are spontaneously written!

First Post

Hey everybody, I am looking forward to the marathon, and am really happy to be among a group of poets. I have written poems all my life, but the last few years have been prolific for me. However, very recently, I haven’t been able to write anything I am happy with, and it’s been frustrating. So I am really excited for the marathon, because it is so madcap, that it is bound to shake things up and tap into a place that I haven’t been able to reach lately. And as I explained on Facebook, I am flying from my native NY to my home in Dublin that day, leaving family behind…a sad day, a crazy day, a perfect day for writing poetry. In fact, I have repeated that day of leaving so many times over the last decade, that when I think of the feelings of that day, which I will certainly be feeling this Saturday, poetry starts to flow in me, and I think, “Oh no, save it till Saturday!” 🙂 I think it will be an amazing way to spend such a crazy day, and my sleep will be so screwed up anyway after an overnight flight to a timezone five hours ahead, so I feel like I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 🙂