Ritual (20)

Making the journey from

my abode

to my code

Was a ritual until I bridged my fellowship


Then it turned into

A joy

A toy

A ploy


A ritual.

Tiny bit of Truth (19 hour)

Rich and endowed we are

But not endowed enough to make the Rich List

The beauty of our house cannot cover

of Forbes magazine sit


Our home was CNN’s news centre

The other day, it aired my point of view.

My face and quote splashed on the TV screen.

For lunch my banker stopped over.


My surroundings are unworthy.

That is a tiny bit of truth


Haunted (18 hour)

Darkness blanketed the house.

Silence sat in the sitting room.

Breathing heavily, a figure ran across the room.

Window shattered!


Footsteps ran across the lobby

Could not see.

It was eerie.

It was thisclose to me.


I was scared!

Bleeding! Blood dripped down my temple

It gave me the creeps

It had been a bad two weeks.

Colours (17)

Cannot see you because you are moving

constantly in a kaleidoscope of colour.

Your last dance moves were better.

That is my verdict.


The fine dancer in you is distorted

by the kaleidoscope of colours I see

Or is it me?

The colours are all I see.




You should Know (16)


have arrested

a murder



the mastermind

behind the

killings of

the president


and other





Especially the


disappearance of

your father.

Meet my Wife (15 hour)

She would not serve the cup

She would rinse it

Dry it

Hit it and serve it


That is my wife.


A control freaks

The meat is not tender enough

Not seasoned enough

Not broiled enough


That is my wife.


A perfectionist

The wedding is not perfect

The setting is not perfect

Until she gets in.


That is my wife



Image Prompt Martin Torrez




Yellow faces face the sun


Sway in the gentle breeze. 

Life lived for oil and seed;

Their gifts at summers end

Gives meaning to their life.


 photo prompt by y-s


There once was a man on the trail

When at once it started to hail

Wth no place to run

And a hot cross bun

He said,” To hell with it let’s sail.”

24 / Hope Sonnet

Hope Sonnet


If I could write a poem today with hope

I’d fit in all the trees and birds and bears—

all animals, the skies and seas and air,

republicans, the middles, and the woke


would have their places too, and right beside

them all are you and I and puffer fish

and coral reefs, the nudibranch and nudist.

Ebbing, high, or slack: it takes all tides


to plump up where the moon is.  Here’s the thing:

We’re screwed. We’re doomed. We’re toast. We’ve effing ruined it.

Nobody’s coming. Revelations shit.

The planet’s better off without our sting.

The best that I can do in terms of hope

is that the human race will soon be smoke.




[Prompt: Write a poem about hope]


23 / Another World

Another World


In another world, not this one

a politician apologizes, listens,

does better next time.


The drilling stops

in another world, not this one

we’ll soon burn to the ground.


Women’s vaginas dissolve

any undesired penis

in another world, not this one.


In another world, not this one

men see war is ridiculous

before they’re old enough to fight.


Children are always citizens

in another world, not this one;

their food and medicine are free.


Tokitae comes home, has a long

conversation with the family

in another world, not this one.



[Prompt: Write a poem about a world that is not this one]