The Diner

I wandered in hoping to do some work
I caught a glimpse of you
My whole world churned

Thirty years is a long time
I just thought of you
How is it you are now in front

I stepped back hoping you didn’t notice
I turned and ran into the streets
Good thing you did not follow

4 thoughts on “The Diner

  1. I really enjoyed reading The Diner.” It wasn’t what I expected and I love that in a poem, short story or any other piece of writing. The ending was unexpected. “my whole world churned.” I love that imagery! “Good thing you didn’t follow”. I wasn’t expecting that! Good job!

  2. Oh I can just feel the emotions that you experienced as you saw the person you did not want to see! There’s such an energy as you slip away and make an exit and I love the last line: I feel you are perhaps glad and not glad that he did not follow?

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