Prompt Twelve (last poem for me in the half marathon)

a gathering of poets

around a drum,
the room filled with inspiration,
we gather to share our words. the long haul of
covid slowly behind us, some still donning masks,
we hear the rustle of paper, the shuffle of feet,
and a chorus of snapping fingers when the
lines are done. Nodding heads and contemplative
murmurs at the turn of a phrase, the twist of a
rhyme, and the toe-tapping beat of the metre. How
we missed this sustenance over the past two years,
the heartbeat of metaphors, the pop-off-the page
imagery that brings us right into the poet’s mind,
and how a simple word, can pull a broken world back

(This poem was inspired by both the picture and the word prompt.)


35 thoughts on “Prompt Twelve (last poem for me in the half marathon)

  1. So many of us write about yearning for meaningful gatherings, even bright bustle as we all pursue daily lives (for me, I yearn for vibrant “downtowns” of all types of people). Still, I find myself wary of clashes when too much collides.
    Your poem brings meaning to that first ideal of gatherings to mind: spiritual, nourishing, and welcoming. While you reveal the moments of comfort (“inspiration,” “comfort,” “heartbeat,” “simple”), you keep grounded in a reality we share with donning masks, “shuffling,” “rustling,” and “missed this sustenance” — We honestly realize we have healing to do, so we seek for that place of trust and hope.

    1. Oh my gosh! You are right, Solape! I missed the capital. Thank you for that catch. Will go in and change it – some of these poems were worked on right until two minutes ‘before the bell’ and I would just put it up on the marathon page.

  2. I really enjoyed this poem! It’s so welcoming and warm. I feel inspired to be a part of a gathering just like the one you described. You ended it so perfectly with the line, “and how a simple word, can pull a broken world back
    together. “. You have a beautiful mind and style! Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks, Katrina! I tried to bring the ‘gathering’ alive and since poetry in these venues is read aloud, I wanted to celebrate what we hear as the words are spoken. I am glad it resonated with you!

    1. Thanks again!! I remember last year watching a video you created through and after the marathon! I loved it! I agree that for the weekend and days following the marathon, there is such a connected feeling with poets and the world and I love your line: ‘This world may be broke, but in words… there is still so much beauty to see.’

  3. Yes! You have beautifully captured what it’s like to be a poet, how all-encompassing it can be, how the words have so much power and we get to weave them, wield them, play with them, stuff ourselves with them during the marathon. I think your poem should be required reading for anyone who is trying to understand poets and why we bother doing crazy/not -so-crazy things like poetry marathons and half-marathons. Thank you for this poem!

    1. Thanks, Mildred!! I so agree with your thoughts about crazy/not-so-crazy things like poetry marathons and half-marathons. I always love the looks on people’s faces when I explain why I will be unavailable for a specific Saturday in June!! Thanks for you message!!

  4. Cristy, once again I am struck by our similar styles!!! I too commented on this before but like you, can’t find it. So here goes again: I love the movement –
    filled/gather/share/rustle/shuffle/snapping/nodding/turn of phrase/twist of rhyme/to-tapping beat/heartbeat of metaphor/pop off the page imagery… And of course the final line. Profound, lilting, sweet reminder of our connectedness despite miles, time, pandemic and more … Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Sarah!
      See – we are even similar in losing our comments to one another about our similarities!! Love it! And I love how this days connects us and steads us through tough times like this pandemic. I love reading your work each year and look forward to many, many more!!

    1. Aw – thank you Ofuma!! I was inspired by your contribution to this final prompt in the half-marathon! So thank you for your inspiration! Looking forward to tomorrow, though a wee bit nervous!

  5. LOVE the “rustle” and “shuffle” and “snap” words in here…wonderful. And, yes, reading and sharing together in real life has been a BLESSING after doing it via zoom for so long! Just returned all inspired and ready to write ALL THE WORDS from Imaginarium in Kentucky. Your poem resonates!

    1. Thanks for ‘heading over to my poems’ and good for you being out in the ‘real world again’ and being involved in what sounds like a cool and inspiring session in Kentucky – will have to look this up!! Thanks for your comments!! Much appreciated.

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