An Epic Of Polar Adventure-Endurance

Moving about in younger years,

Sometimes brought laughter, sometimes tears!

This town, that city, a new state of mind.

Always a cool destination,

How many friends did I find?

California was golden alright,

So desperately dry.

Plan a picnic on any summer day,

With not a drop of rain from the sky!!

Boulder, Colorado, Carolina too,

Down south do they call that constant sweat,

Humidity or dew?

I’m glad i landed where I’m at,

Being older now and wiser at that!

Oh, I musn’t forget the freezing tundra of New Hampshire,

As I sigh……

There are two seasons up there…. Winter and the 4th of July!




4 thoughts on “An Epic Of Polar Adventure-Endurance

    1. You’re welcome! Thank you for enjoying the adventure. Our words escaping from whispered breath to empty page can fill our hearts with a calming journey! Loved “dewy”

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