Countdown to Self Induced Insomnia…

I’ve done it before. Stayed up 24 hours, that is. Even longer, although that’s been a few years. But this time, in addition to a circadian round of awareness, I’ll be composing poetry, or lyrics, in my case. I have a list of other activities to keep me awake between the hourly rounds of posting, as well as all the required nutritional needs. And a really loud alarm.

We’ll see…

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Self Induced Insomnia…

  1. Edward,
    I read through your work and I hope you won’t mind me saying:
    You are a rare gem that not only educated me today, but stirred my thirst for words into a higher gear. I loved what I read even when I had to go look up some words – it was the most fun, the best education and certainly the biggest emotional rollercoaster!
    Thank you so much for sharing

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