The Marathon

Hi Everyone,
I’m  Harvey Schwartz and I’m a Techno-phobic.
It’s kinda like I just moved to a new town and know the basic route to get from my house to work…but get me a block away and I’m lost. That’s how I am with computers.
I don’t do any social media but I do take writing classes at Western WA University…which has forced me to learn the major streets…
But – I’m a little slow negotiating the curves of websites or blogs or whatever we are cyber sharing at this moment.
Somewhere – related to this event – I put a bio/statement of purpose that I’ve been playing with.
So – I’m gonna assume that you can read that if you’re interested.
And, either way I wrote a prep poem today that is listed below.
(And just to be honest and qualify my presence – it’s possible that a visit from an out of town son could derail this project for me – but I’d love to do it and hope that I can.)
I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and how I deal with poetry fatigue.
Harvey Schwartz
                                The Marathon

Being in a poetry marathon is like being the nail.

And an overhead hammer is racing toward me
Like a clock that is slowly ticking – about to hit the next hour.

Or is it a flower petal that absorbs rays from the sun?
which is really my keyboard

that is clacking away

noisy sun

      petal to the metal

Or is it a chance to exercise?

stretch mind muscles to

throw instead of catch

As if all the world’s a stage…

     and I’m the understudy
     and he really did break a leg.
                             Harvey Schwartz

2 thoughts on “The Marathon

  1. *HUGS*
    I just had to. I read all your writing and absolutely couldn’t pick a favorite. You have a style that taps against my head and wake me up to the little nuances. I love it!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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