Our Two Rescues

Our Two Rescues

We love our rescues, Qatar and Blacky.

Qatar came from a local rescue.

She is a terrier mix, part miniature Manchester terrier, and part who knows what.

She is mama’s girl, a snuggler who makes you earn her love.

She doesn’t warm up to everybody, but when she does, she’s your lap buddy for life.

She sleeps in our bed (only after I ask her, “You wanna go night night?),

and snuggles up under the blankies with us.


Blacky was a street dog who started following us on our nightly walks.

He was such a skinny little guy, so we started taking little pieces of bologna with us.

Eventually, his trust grew, and he allowed us to pet him, and then he became part of our family.

Six months of heartworm treatment and regular feedings, he is now a healthy black shining beauty, who smiles when he runs.

He’s dad’s boy and takes every chance to love on him.


We love our babies, rescue organizations, and responsible pet parents who spay and neuter.

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