Where am I?
And how did I get here?
Hang on…. this… place smells funny…
Why is everything so bright?
Why am I surrounded by all these men in strange caps and surgical gloves?
Who are these giants?
Did that doctor just whack my bum?
Ouch! Watch it! 
Does anyone here speak baby?
Where are they taking me?
Why are they all smiling?
Did something funny happen?
Why am I being expelled from mum’s uterus?
Did I forget to pay rent?
Take me back
Nooo! Ah, milk…

hmmmm…. I could get used to this new place…


5 thoughts on “Prompt #7 (A NEWBORN’S FIRST THOUGHTS j.r.m©)

  1. THis one is certainly very cute and funny. It seems to be easy to punctuate with the short sentences. Personally, I prefer 17 and 24 because they have more fire and such wonderfully expressive language and are unique to you, but this one is also different from what most people post.

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