Hello Everybody!!

Hi there! I am very excited to be apart of this Poetry Marathon! I am going to complete the 24 hour marathon. I hope to compile an array of poems within this 24 hour period. Something for everyone to enjoy! I am a writer, I write lots of poetry and music. I am working on a fictional book and hope to have it published sometime in 2015. I encourage everyone to write, it is an awesome mental exercise! Feel free to check out some of my poetry and lyrics on www.FathomTheSquare.com

Stay Blessed!


– Jessica Cruz

One thought on “Hello Everybody!!

  1. Hey Jessica!
    Thank you so much for these poems. I read through them and smiled, as you seem to have a firm grasp on a few very sensitive subjects – very well presented!
    Loved loved loved what you’ve done and if I HAVE to pic [which I did!] I choose Near Dreams as my personal favorite.
    Thank you so much!

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