The Knockers Club

Oh yes! We all have a knockers club

Some knockers are real and others

Found in our minds called the

Voice of self-doubt


Life is a sequence of choices

Do we listen to their negativity and put downs?


Or do we rise above them?

Do we let fear take control?

Or do we take the first step?

A tiny little one at first

Then a wobbly first walk

Until it turns into

A running stride of confidence

Where no Knocker

Can catch you!

As you strive towards your chosen goal


Don’t be disheartened by the Knockers Club

For they do indeed

Serve their purpose


The voice of self-doubt

Both real and imagined

It’s the fuel, the steam

You use to reach your hearts desire


Thank you to my Knockers Club

If it wasn’t for you

I possibly wouldn’t achieved

What I have today


You bring a smile to my face

And a sense of achievement

Each time I have the opportunity and

The reason to prove you all wrong

Both real and imagined.

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