Poem 22 — The Night is for Sleeping

The night resides for sleeping,
I couldn’t stay awake,
My body yelled at me,
And my eyes wouldn’t cooperate.

The night is designed for us
Who love to roam the day,
We ride the sun’s path
Highlighting with laughter along the way.

Sometimes we can cheat at daylight, close our eyes and steal a nap,
then we pinch away at time
with the help of a snap.

It feels like thunder
when eyes are open at night,
Whose idea was it for me to stay awake and motivate my eyes to fight?
Fighting to stay awake to challenge my inspiration, oh my, the hours are creeping,
The night is designed for hot sex, great partying,
The night is for sleeping.

One thought on “Poem 22 — The Night is for Sleeping

  1. Oh, I feel you! You capture such a sense of exhaustion and frustration at our misuse of the night in staying awake to write – when it could be used for other great things! Love the repetition of the first and last line – gently rhythmic.

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