The Corona Blues (HR 9)

The year of 2020 was supposed to be a 20/20 vision
Everyone making plans of becoming great

Counting down the old year to bring in the new

No one knew this year was going to be so cruel

Fires taking the lives of billions of animals

A possible chance at going to war

Kobe lost his life alongside his daughter and seven others

A pandemic that would spread global

Police brutality at full force

Protesting, looting, rioting

Street painted with Black Lives Matter

Confederate statuses being torn down

No one knew that wearing a mask would become the new normal

Please stand 6 feet apart, practicing social distancing

This is the modern version of staying in your own personal bubble

Hundreds of thousands dying from unseen forces

Kids taken out of school; parents becoming homeschool teachers

Students wearing their caps and gowns so they can graduate from Zoom

Everyone in a panic, fighting over toilet paper…

…hand sanitizer bottles, empty shelves

The whole country under quarantine, locked down for weeks

This has been the strangest year thus far

This isn’t how everyone envisioned it to be

The government said it would all go away with the heat

Yet it’s summer and the numbers are still rising

I sit everyday trying to make sense of everything

But I can’t quite wrap my mind around all the shenanigans

All I can do is pray and talk to God

Trust His Word and believe that it will all eventually come to an end

COVID-19 won’t defeat me

Christ Over Viruses and Infectious Diseases

Joshua 1:9

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