2022 Poem Thirteen



I experience what other people call ‘god’ in a different way.

God is tucked away in the mundane.

They shine through every inch of nature’s beauty that I see every day.

God will dance from start to star

as my eyes adjust to the night sky.

One star turns to 10 turns to 100 to whole galaxies of stars.

God whispers secrets into the cool air

of the first spring day I open all the windows in my home.

Fresh air becomes part of every corner.

I tell the world my secrets while protected

by the silence of a fresh two feet of snow.

The silence of the world around me is loud enough to

drown out my words as my breath meets the December air.

Mushrooms making their home on fallen trees gain sustenance

from feeding the cycle of life and death.

I make sure to thank God for the satiation of

gulps of water when I wake up at 3am.

How can you not see God in tree canopies?

We give them gifts of carbon dioxide from our lungs and

they say ‘thank you’ with oxygen from theirs.

The glimmer of true happiness in someone’s eyes

and the rare sightings of the Aurora Borealis from my hometown

tie for the biggest miracles I’ve seen performed.

Tides kiss the shore at the direction of the moon-

How can that not be the Divine?

My prayers look like leaving flowers where I find them

purely because they are beautiful and someone else needs to see the beauty.

Religious texts are composed of

every sunrise I have not seen.

I will never see every form God takes but I am going to try.

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